MDC Alliance leader denies CIO allegations

Nelson Chamisa

MDC Alliance’s National Youth spokesperson, Stephen Chuma, has denied allegations that he is part of the state security agency, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

This comes after a series of rumours circulating around social media that he’s an undercover CIO operative.

“As it stands I am fighting to get my own freedom. I have been persecuted left, right and center by the same regime hence, it defies logic as to how I can be said to work for the same system.

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Real state agents are those that are being used by the regime to sow a divisive agenda by branding, labeling and framing those that genuinely pursue the national democratic agenda.

I am not going to be swayed by selfish big man with big ambitions that have nothing to with the people’s struggle. I will never sell the people’s struggle because struggle is my birthright.

It is unfortunate that such hogwash labelling is coming from the very same people who in the past delayed the people’s victory by forming their useless briefcase political parties.

I have always been consistent to the democratic cause and it remains as such,” lamented Chuma.

The MDC Alliance is currently involved in a political brawl with the MDC-T which has seen some of it’s members being recalled from the Parliament due to the Supreme Court ruling which does not regard the MDC-Alliance as a political party.


Source – Daniel Itai