MDC Alliance ‘Empty Heads’ – Analysts

MDC Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti

The MDC Alliance’s rant over preliminary findings presented by the UN Rapporteur has been described by experts as the highest level of political naivety meant to justify the party’s sanctions crusade.

The beleaguered party has once again been caught in sixes and sevens after announcing it will send a  letter of complaint to the U.N. headquarters over what the party is calling “biased and deliberate dishonesty” by Special Envoy Professor  Alena Douhan denouncing the illegal coercive measures on Zimbabwe by the United States and Britain.

Political analysts have dismissed this latest rant by Biti and his allies as a shameless act to advance the sanctions story on Zimbabwe.

They also worry over Biti’s ineptitude on the role of the United Nations Watch from where the special envoy is an appointee.

“It is not surprising that the MDC Alliance are expressing their disdain in this manner. What they fail to understand is that Zimbabwe is trying to use this social contract to engage the United Nations and what Biti said is trying to discredit this process. The role of the envoy was to assess the impact of the sanctions and this is what she did. Now the MDC A is trying to force her to write something which is outside her role and mandate. This is total lack of understanding on the role of the Rapporteur,” said Gibson Nyikadzino- Political Analyst

Former ally to MDC Alliance, Ms Linda Masarira and Douglas Mwomzora are not amused by Biti’s bickering.

“I think the report was presented in a fair manner because it outlines how the sanctions have caused harm on ordinary citizens. The unfounded expressions by the politically fatigued Bitis of this world who think that the world revolves around them should understand that every dog has its day. They have watched Zimbabweans suffer because of their insatiable for power which made MDC press for more sanctions against Zimbabwe to agitate people. All MDC Officials who are behaving like headless chickens on twitter should know that Zimbabwe is bigger than their parties,” said Masarira.

“Mr  Biti has anger management issues and I don’t think anybody takes him seriously. They denounced the UN envoy even before she set foot in Harare, they were racist against her and that is uncalled for. I had to apologise personally to the special envoy to say that that behaviour we saw on Twitter does not reflect the behaviour of the Zimbabwean people. It is a fact that the sanctions are against the government against the people of Zimbabwe and therefore they affect the working class,” added Mwonzora.

In the assessment report, Professor Douhan outlined that the unilateral sanctions imposed against natural and legal persons in Zimbabwe, as well as secondary sanctions and extensive over-compliance by banks and third-country companies, raise serious concerns about their correspondence with international legal standards.

Source – ZBC

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