MDC-A march ‘claims’ Mudzuri’s scalp

Elias Mudzuri

The much-hyped march by the MDC Alliance this Thursday has all but claimed the scalp of one of the party’s founding figures, vice president Elias Mudzuri.

Mudzuri, considered a victim of the MDC Alliance leader’s purging as he moves to consolidate his position ahead of congress, has always been perceived as a serious challenger to Nelson Chamisa’s leadership.

The party that the late Morgan Tsvangirai built has turned its sharp knives to devour its own children.

After getting rid of Thokozani Khupe and other senior party members early this year, the daggers have been drawn against one of the founding fathers of the party, Mudzuri.

The writing has always been on the wall for Mudzuri but the much-hyped march turned out to be an opportunity for Chamisa to complete his purging of supposed challengers ahead of congress.

Like a man reading a verdict of his own death sentence, Mudzuri was booed off the stage at the Africa Unity Square and in a hush left the scene of his embarrassment.

Mudzuri is one of the MDC Alliance leaders who openly challenged the contested rise of Chamisa to power following the demise of long time president Tsvangirai in February this year.

Immediately after Tsvangirai’s death, founding figure, Khupe, was hounded out of the party in violent circumstances amid threats of burning her inside a hut at the burial of Tsvangirai in Buhera.

Meanwhile, the MDC Alliance carried out their demonstrations as Chamisa continues to live in denial after losing the July 30 elections.

Under the Second Republic led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabweans have enjoyed an array of rights including the right to demonstrate which, however, some groups have abused. – ZBC