Mbeki backs Chamisa

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South Africa’s former President Thabo Vuyelwa Mbeki has supported calls by MDC leader Nelson Chamisa that there is need for an impartial convenor to convenor the political dialogue in Zimbabwe.

Speaking in an interview with SABC Mbeki said the argument presented by the MDC is valid and he hopes something will happen to that effect.

“The MDC has not joined the dialogue with the argument that is being put by the President of MDC Nelson Chamisa saying that because they don’t recognise President Mnangagwa as legitimately elected he can be the one to convene them. I hope something will happen after that.”

Mbeki applauded the  steps taken by Mnangagwa to convene the dialogue saying it is not enough to win the electoral matters in court yet there is no unity after election.

“President Mnangagwa has done is correct and I’m saying MDC agrees in principle to this, so let them find a way together because you go through the courts as happened in Zimbabwe and as happening in Malawi to resolve whatever are the contested things, but after that you must address this matter.

“It is not a matter of I won the election and I won the matter in court and that is the end of the matter.  You need maximum unity in order to address the national challenges. The MDC must be part of the process.”

MDC leader Chamisa is on record saying he is ready to meet President Mnangagwa under a neutral convenor.

Source – Byo24News