Mawere fights in Jonathan Moyo’s corner

Mutumwa Mawere

South Africa based business tycoon Mutumwa Mawere has defended Professor Jonathan Moyo after President Emmerson Mnangagwa launched an attack on the G40 members calling them a threat to national security.

Said Mawere, “G40 is an identity but its structure and order has never been revealed yet the threat to the lives of the people is presented as fact. Can we start by identifying its presumed Constitution and members? Who are these people and what is presumed to glue them?”

Mawere added that he has known Professor Moyo for three decades and has repect for him as person because he played a role in getting a wife.

“I have known Jonathan Moyo for over 30 years. I have engaged him on ideas and I have always found him to be an organic thinker. At no stage, did I get the feeling that he was some rented actor in thought and deed? We have disagreed on many issues but unlike him, I always respected his MIND

“People have spoken of Dr Chitepo and the circumstances that I got to know her. Some have important political theories yet the reality is that without you, I would not have known her let alone followed by marriage. You were the bridge and nothing can change this historical fact.

“You may recall my visit to Los Angeles. It was at your house that you hosted me for dinner. You were a human being with all the mental faculties vested in you. To now see this trash caricaturing you as an object of this monster called G40 undermines my own sense of morality.”

Professor Moyo confirmed that he is very closer to Mawere.

“Surely Mawere you know only too well that the respect has been & is mutual, ever since. I’ll never forget my munyai role, on two occasions: when you got me to make some calls for you from Washington to Canada; and when I was your character witness to a then doubting classmate!”

Source – Byo24