Matemadanda exposes G40’s anti-Zimbabwe plot

Victor Matemadanda

ZANU-PF national political commissar, Victor Matemadanda, has revealed a plot by the notorious G40 cabal to create a false impression that there is instability in Zimbabwe to scare away investors as part of their broader scheme to over throw the Government.

In an interview in Bulawayo yesterday, Matemadanda who is also the Defence and War Veterans’ Affairs Deputy Minister said key members of the G40 cabal met in South Africa a week ago to discuss strategies to overthrow the Government in a project funded by Zimbabwe’s detractors who have discovered that their MDC project has failed to effect their regime change agenda. 

“They have seen that the MDC project won’t work. Now they have gone at another level, it is common cause and common knowledge that they have put $5 million for social media abuse propaganda against the Zanu-PF government and they are giving money to anyone that will oppose any Zanu-PF activity,” said Matemadanda.

He said part of the social media project was the “Tyson Wabantu” campaign running on Twitter by some elements claiming that one of the G40 kingpins Mr Saviour Kasukuwere was coming back from self-imposed exile to lead Zimbabwe. 

“And as we speak, we have on social media stories like Tyson is coming to take over, the military wants to overthrow the Government, this minister or this vice president have gone into an agreement to overthrow the President, this and that. They are creating this confusion so that they cause disharmony and create an opportunity for the re-introduction of the erstwhile colonial power.

“The Tysons, the Jonathan Moyos are being used. (Economic Freedom Fighters leader Mr Julius) Malema (from South Africa) has also been put in the same line. He becomes a big brand that boy, that stupid young boy thinks he can negotiate, he goes at the centre of va Mnangagwa and Chamisa and says you guy come I want you to make a settlement, what stupid thinking is that. Where does Malema come from in the revolution of Zimbabwe?” said Matemadanda. 

“He is being persuaded by the likes of Kasukuwere and then that shows the level or capacity that Kasukuwere has to think that a Zimbabwean deal can be brokered buy a person of the level of Malema, this is desperation.”

Matemadanda said the Government will not lose sleep over the G40 project as just like the MDC one, it will fail. 

“Here you have some lady who has been keeping the corpse in her bedroom, when her mother died, the President had to charter a plane to get her so that she buries her mother and she sings praises ‘ah vaMnangagwa vakanaka ah I didn’t know, he is like an angel’ but only six days ago she was in a meeting with these fools planning on how they think they can overthrow this government. 

“Why are they doing that? It is not for them; it is for the people that we defeated in the battle field. word to them is that we know all these machinations, we know why there are so many issues on the social media giving an impression that there is insecurity in Zimbabwe and they are trying also to scare away investors, whenever the President is out trying to lure investors hee Tyson Wabantu is coming, what is Tyson in the security set-up of this region and this country? Can we lose sleep because there is a person called Saviour Kasukuwere coming, was he not here? Why didn’t he act? Why did he run out nxa eyindoda sibili?” said Matemadanda. 

O Jonathan, yimpabanga kuphela, he is a confusionist, he doesn’t even know where his face is, whether it is at the back or at the front, he doesn’t know and how do you expect such a person to lead you, he has been everywhere causing confusion, he caused confusion in South Africa, in Botswana they don’t want him, in Kenya to his own in-laws, he has caused problems, he is a trouble maker and how do you ever entertain such a person to even think of leading this country? You can’t. 

“They are not going anywhere, we are not going to lose sleep ngenxa yokuthi kuthwa o Tyson labo Jonathan lempabanga zabo bazabuya, besiya ngaphi? Besenzani? Labobani? Who will accompany them? They are just making a lot of noise but of course they want to cause a lot of disinvestment in this country, they want to create an impression that there is insecurity in Zimbabwe and therefore investors should not come.”

Matemadanda assured Zimbabwe that their security is guaranteed and investors should know that Zimbabwe is safe investment destination.  – Herald

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