Matabeleland rights group praises Mnangagwa

The Matabeleland Institute for Human Rights (MIHR) has hailed the Government of Zimbabwe and the President Emmerson Mnangagwa for extending the Covid19 Lockdown by a further 14 days and for instituting measures of Level 2 lockdown.

President Mangagwa extended the lockdown but eased some restrictions and tightened some in that when citizens go in public they are expected to wear face masks.

MIHR secretary general Benedict Sibasa in a statement said his organisation commends the government on the lockdown extension because the latest Ministry of Health and Child care (MoHCC) Covid19 testing updates have been showing new cases and also cases of communal infections.

He said this lockdown extension will be important to avert reckless communal infection.

“Mandatory wearing of masks: this is an important decision made by the government as it will assist the citizens in reducing communal infections cases and also its importance in the face of continued congestion in mealie-meal queues,” Sibasa said.

He said workplace protection measures: such as mandatory testing and wearing of masks at the workplace will protect the frontline workers and all essential services workers.

“Continued closure of schools, colleges and universities: as this is I the principle of best interest of the child and will protect students from communal infections,” he said.

“The continued ban of informal sector and commuter omnibus operations will ensure people stay at home and do not unnecessarily travel outside their communities.”

He said MIHR therefore calls on the citizens of Zimbabwe to adhere to the new lockdown extension regulations, the security services to enforce these measures in a human rights friendly manner.

“Employers must ensure that they adhere to the stipulated guidelines in order to protect workers’ rights, line Ministries of government must speedily communicate in detail simplified lockdown modalities, and the government must increase testing even in rural communities,” he said.

Zimbabwe as of last week, had recorded 40 Covid 19 cases with four deaths and five recoveries.

Source – Byo24