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Marginalised ZANU PF Mashonaland Central boycotts Mnangagwa’s re-election

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ZANU PF National Chairperson has reportedly lamented indiscipline displayed by some elements from  Mashonaland Central delegates who abandoned their bay and Congress for personal business on Friday in Harare.

There was drama at the ZANU PF elective congress as delegates from Mashonaland Central walked out on proceedings to elect and endorse President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the party’s leader and sole candidate for 2023.

The Mashonaland Central bay was near empty when the proceedings began prompting ZANU PF National Chairperson Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri to comment on the bay’s emptiness.

Insiders revealed that the Provincial Chairperson was summoned by the National Chairperson who raised a complaint over the conduct of Mashonaland Central delegates.

Mashonaland Central based political analyst Dr. John Mbizvo said, “The emptiness of the Mashonaland Central bay is an indictment on Kazembe Kazembe , he won the provincial elections, his team won across the board and these are his delegates his people who are walking out on the President, Congress and the party.”

Mbizvo added that: “The party now needs to investigate this and look into Mashonaland Central closely, what are the causes of this form of behavior and will it affect the party in the upcoming elections these are the hard questions that need honest answers and remedial action because clearly the symptoms are there that there is an underlying sickness in Mashonaland Central structures which needs to be healed.”

A senior staffer from the ZANU PF security department who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “This indiscipline exhibited by Mashonaland Central demands that we take serious action. Some MPs and central committee members have boycotted the important proceedings at congress, yet they are funded , booked in at hotel rooms to come and do party business but they are out and about galavanting on private business using party resources. Can we trust them to campaign for the party and the President?”

Council of Chiefs President Chief Charumbira took an indirect swipe at the chaos In Mashonaland Central and said “Those who used money to buy votes during the provincial elections were leaders without followers and the ones without support.”

Source – Byo24