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Mahere and Lumumba clash on twitter

In better times: Mahere (right) and Lumumba (left)
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Harare – Prominent lawyer, advocate Fadzai Mahere has criticised the Ministry of Finance and Economic development’s newly appointed communications task force chairman William Mutumanje popularly known as Acie Lumumba’s for making graft allegations on social media saying he should follow due process instead.

Last week the finance minister Mthuli Ncube appointed Lumumba as the chairman of the ministry’s communications task force.

A day after his appointment, Lumumba took to Facebook exposing the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe bigwigs, accusing them of corruption.

Writing on Twitter, Mahere said corrupt officials should be suspended and investigated.

“Where you suspect you have corrupt officials in government, you don’t do a FB (Facebook) live. You notify them of their alleged offences, suspend them, investigate then conduct a hearing. If they’re guilty, you may fire them/cause their arrest. Due process 101 – s68 & 69 Con,” Mahere wrote.

She said if Ncube is ready to go after the RBZ officials, he must do so using the correct means.

“I don’t like mahumbwe (playing games) and jokes when we are dealing with national issues that have huge implications for our livelihoods. It detracts from the seriousness of it all. If @MthuliNcube is ready to go after the RBZ officials, he must do so using the correct means & get them locked up,”Mahere said.

Lumumba quickly hit back and said due process should also apply to Mahere whom he accuses of pursuing married men.

“Due process iwe uchiswera kundandanisa varume vevanhu kunge riot police (due process when you chase after people’s husbands like riot police). Life 101, ukanamata unokunda Fadzi (if you pray, you will overcome),” he said.

Lumumba took to social media saying the government was captured by a person he described as queen bee whom he says runs the country’s economy.