Lumumba backs Marry Chiwenga

Acie Lumumba

Self-styled Communications strategist William Gerald Mutumaje (Acie Lumumba) has critized VICE-President Constantino Chiwenga for ill-treating his ex-wife Marry Mbaiwa Chiwenga.

Mutumanje posted on Twitter saying, “Today I choose to pray for Mary🙏🏾. I don’t know much, jokes I do. But I don’t blv any woman must be treated this way by munhu wake. Spare a thought & prayer for her & her children. No matter how much you may not like her, zvikuita General hazvina kunaka. We all get the point!”

Mubaiwa is facing charges of attempting to murder VP Chiwenga, illegally externalising US$1 033 000, laundering US$990 000 and fraudulently seeking to upgrade her customary union to a civil marriage without her husband’s consent.

The attempted murder charge arose when she accompanied her husband to South Africa in July for urgent medical attention.

Source – Byo24