Kuda Musasiwa had Covid-19 negative test result but condition deteriorated – Father Speaks

Kuda Musasiwa

The father of entrepreneur Kuda Musasiwa has said his son had a negative COVID-19 test result but his health kept deteriorating till doctors told him he needed to be admitted, Aljazeera reports.

Roy Musasiwa told the publication that Kuda had exhibited symptoms synonymous with COVID-19 when he was tested and the test was negative but his health help deteriorating despite the negative results:

The result of that test was a false negative His vitals kept going down. He had an oxygen saturator but his condition was becoming worse. On Saturday, the doctors said his condition had worsened and needed hospital admission

By then the doctors ascertained it was indeed a COVID-19 case and recommended a ventilator.

Musasiwa said looking for a hospital bed for Kuda was a nightmare because government hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients:

Looking for a hospital bed was possibly our worst nightmare. We were told hospitals were overwhelmed by COVID-19. It was only by a stroke of good circumstances. It took a whole day of phoning around and searching and visiting various hospitals. We were the lucky ones

This comes after it circulated on social media that Kuda Musasiwa is admitted in the ICU after suffering from COVID-19. The Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services permanent secretary Nick Mangwana admitted that Zimbabwe is being overrun by the pandemic which infected over 1300 people yesterday.

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