Knives out for Grace Mugabe

The wife of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe.

ZANU PF Youth League Secretary for Administration Tendai Chirau has launched an attack on former First Lady Grace Ntombizodwa Mugabe over reports that she hired thugs to invade a farm allegedly owned by 6 farmers who were allocated the farm some years back.

Writing on Facebook Chirau said, “Grace Marufu Mugabe Marufu reportedly hired some hoodlums in a bid to invade a farm owned by six farmers who were allocated the land some years back. During the old dispensation she tormented the people of Mazhou in Mash Central.”

Chirau said Grace Mugabe’s bid to own multiple farms will not succeed.

“In the new dispensation, she is destined to fail and her insatiable appetite for owning multiple farms will be brought to end. The farm in question is in Pomona.”

Grace Mugabe’s accusers have offer letters that are stamped and dated 2007, and were signed by former Minister Didymus Mutasa.

Commenting on the matter political analyst Shephard Dube said the move by the ZANU PF Youths was aimed at seeking revenge on Grace Mugabe for burying former President Mugabe in Zvimba in line with his wishes.

“President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s people are vindictive and are targeting a widow who refused to have her husband buried at the heroes acre and presided over by ZANU PF people. After failing to defeat her plans they are now moving after her assets. If grace Mugabe did any wrong let her be taken to court and let the court do its role. We must not have people who are law unto themselves and threatening other citizens.” Dube said.

Source – Byo24