Kasukuwere blasts MDC for running down cities under its control

Bernard Manyenyeni and Saviour Kasukuwere

Former Local Government Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere has refuted claims that local government authorities in Zimbabwe are failing to deliver expected goods and services because they are being sabotaged by the central government.

His remarks came as a response to some twitter posts which implied that some Harare suburbs which were toured by President Mnangagwa this Sunday do not have water “40yr after independence” because “the government is sabotaging municipalities.”

Kasukuwere responded to the allegations and said:

Municipalities are not sabotaged by Govt if the truth be said. The state has done all it can to improve water supplies to our urban towns, Byo through construction of Mtshabezi,pipeline to Umzingwane then to Upper and Lower Ncema. Govt has a duty to make sure water is available.

He added that municipalities are failing on their mandate because they are preoccupied with minor issues including stands.

Harare  Mayor Clr Herbert Gomba concurred with Kasukuwere and added other factors affecting service delivery. He said:

In that context yes but policy inconsistencies ie the new procurement act , joint ventures act, ZINWA Act, removal of the 1:1 and reference to the interbank market makes it expensive to buy forex, the removal of PSIP, lack of support from govt after debt cancellations affected councils.

Most local government authorities are failing to deliver on their mandate amid reports that there is political interference, lack of adequate resources and mismanagement of resources.

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