Jessie Majome will win Harare West – Zvobgo

As elections time draws near, Harare West Member of House Assembly Jessie Fungayi Majome is poised to bag another term.

Namibia based intellect, Luckson Zvobgo argues that Harare West Constituency is a different constituency because it has people who belong to the middle class.

“People in Harare West are middle class people with a very good educational background and make choice based on individual capacity not based on party line. They vote for an individual not a party.”

Zvobgo went further to state that Jessie has a higher chance of winning but only the ballot defines the winner.

As a legislator she has played a vital role in parliament which has been appreciated by many people especially on social media.

Majome herself argues that she is doing this for the people not to make money with politics.

The Member of Parliament is running this election as an independent after pulling from the MDC Alliance primary election citing election irregulations, however, she is still an MDC National Executive Member.

Jessie is a member of the team that saw the people driven constitution in Zimbabwe. She was the deputy Chairperson of the Constitutional Select Committee (COPAC).