Jah Prayzah prays for arrested Hopewell Chin’ono

SOCIAL media has been left in awe and with unanswered questions as multi-award winning musician Jah Prayzah sent a message of good wishes to journalist and MDC Alliance activist Hopewell Chin’ono who has been arrested again.

Chin’ono was rearrested for allegedly breaking his bail conditions. Police and officials swooped on Chin’ono from his home in Chisipite, Harare, on Tuesday evening.

Legal sources said he had been charged with contempt of court relating to an alleged breach of bail conditions, an allegation that they described as “nonsense”.

Posting on his Twitter and Facebook page the Dzamutsana hit maker posted a picture of Chin’ono with the caption, “You are always in our prayers mukoma.”

What sent tongue wagging is not the message itself but the unfolding of events and the message following after Jah Prayzah and Hopewell Chin’ono has a fall-out on social media last week.

The two went head on in what Chin’ono termed a ‘public discussion’ yet Jah Prayzah opted it be discussed in privacy.

Reacting to Jah Prayzah’s prayer, some Zimbabweans have laughed as they thought it was just a way of mocking the arrested journalist.

Some followers that commented on the post said: “We know you are enjoying this more than anyone else,” said Nkosi in a comment.

Fair enough, others applauded Jah Prayzah for being mature about the whole issue.

“Real hero, no one would take such a bold move; it takes maturity and selflessness,” commented  another follower identified as Martinez on twitter.

The argument between Jah Prayzah and Hopewell just vanished into thin air without a clear end to it, the two probably know resolved in in private as the old traditional Ndebele adage goes ‘Eyaba bili kayingenwa’ translated two ‘Don’t get involved in people’s fight, they know what they are doing.’ – Zimbabwe Voice