Irate Mutsvangwa loses composure on television interview

Zimbabwe’s Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa, recently spoke on Newzroom Afrika about the state of the country’s economy and the recently passed Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Amendment Bill, also known as the Patriotic Bill.

During the interview, the minister appeared to have difficulty explaining the details of the bill and what it entails. Watch the video below for more:

The bill seeks to amend the country’s criminal code and introduce new offences related to undermining the authority of the government, among other things.

The Bill makes it a crime to participate in any meeting where sanctions or trade boycotts against Zimbabwe are considered or planned, regardless of whether the sanctions are targeted or general.

Similarly, it is a crime to attend a meeting where there is talk of military intervention or the overthrow of the constitutional government in Zimbabwe.

If someone raises these issues at a meeting and you then promote or encourage them, you may be charged with a crime, even if you did not know the agenda beforehand. Punishments for offenders are not specified in the Bill.

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