I Was Not Paid By Zanu-PF, MDC Betrayed Us: Vendors Boss Zvorwadza

Stendrick Zvorwadza

Political activist and leader of the National Vendors Union Zimbabwe (Navuz) Sten Zvorwadza has refuted allegations that he was paid by Zanu-PF after he called on the people to support President Emmerson Mnangagwa and to give him a chance.Zvorwadza argues that the opposition MDC has betrayed the people at every chance. Speaking to the Daily News,

If there is a person who gave me money for the things I was doing they can throw the first stone, but if there is none then I am clean. In Zanu PF — when we are knocking on their doors — no one is talking politics. We gave the MDC a platform in 2014, 2015, 2016 but they declined to give us a voice.

…The MDC-T were even telling their people not to attend our demonstrations. In essence, at every point, the MDC-T was fighting processes that they purport to stand for.  As an organisation, we stand for the truth. If a Zanu PF person is beaten up, we stand by that person. We should not be seen as standing by a particular political party. We stand for all vendors.

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