‘I can solve this economic mess’ – Kasukuwere lays ED gaunlet

In his application, Kasukuwere, who was arrested on charges of abuse of office, pleaded with the court to be allowed to travel.

“There is really need for me to go because it is a business meeting to discuss how we can help this country and bring commodities in line with the government’s agreement on importing commodities,” said Kasukuwere.

“I am  a family man, I have to look after my family and I am also a business man that is why I have to go and discuss business,” he added.

However, state prosecutor Zivanai Macharaga opposed the application saying Kasukuwere can send other board members to attend the meeting on his behalf.

Macharaga also argued that there is no proof of communication between the South African company and Kasukuwere to justify his plea to travel.

“This is only an attempt to delay trial by you the accused person. I believe there is no such thing called a meeting since you did not provide dates of the meeting and emails to prove that you have been communicating about the meeting. Also there is no invitation which shows you have been invited, but rather it is in your mind to go there,” said Macharaga. -Source: 263Chat

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