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High Court Evicts Thokozani Khupe From MDC-T Provincial Headquarters Bulawayo

MDC deputy Thokozani Khupe
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Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Maxwell Takuva has ordered MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe to leave the party’s provincial headquarters in Bulawayo.

She has been ordered to surrender everything to MDC-T Provincial Chairperson, and Bulawayo deputy mayor Gift Banda.

This follows an urgent application which had been filed at the High Court in which Banda alleged that Khupe had seized the party headquarters and was barring supporters of party president Nelson Chamisa.

An excerpt from Banda’s application reads,

I seek this honourable court’s protection and intervention on an urgent basis from the unlawful actions of the respondents in despoiling me of control and occupation of our provincial offices. The practice is that any organ of Bulawayo province intending to use the party offices is required to seek my authority. I, as a matter of fact, grant such authority for all legitimate and lawful activities for the province.

Justice Takuva ruled that until the matter is resolved:

 The Sheriff of the High Court of Zimbabwe or his lawful deputy or assistant in Bulawayo be and is hereby directed to take all such steps and measures as are legally necessary to evict the Respondents (Khupe and others) and, or their agents and all those claiming through them from No. 41A Fort Street, between and 2. Avenue, Bulawayo and restore the Applicant and all those claiming through him into their peaceful and undisturbed occupation of the aforesaid property and in so doing this order shall be his/her warrant.

Respondents and/or their agents and anyone claiming through the arehereby ordered not to interfere with Applicant’s occupation of No. 41A Fort Street, between 1. and Avenue, Bulawayo.

Respondents and/or their agents and anyone claiming through them be and are hereby prohibited from interfering with and/or disrupting any meetings, programmes and activities of the Applicant and from vandalising any property of the MDC-T situate at the aforesaid premises.

In the event of the Respondents or their agents or those claiming through than failing, neglecting or refusing to comply with this order the member-in charge, Bulawayo Central Police station or any of his details or any Police or Peace Officer in Zimbabwe, be and is hereby directed to arrest and detain the Respondents and any such or person (s) as may be aiding the Respondents and take them to any court of contempt jurisdiction on charges of contempt of court or any such competent charges for prosecution according to the law.

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