High Court Decision Keeps Hope Of Another Zimbabwe Coup Alive – US Diplomats

The United States of America’s decision to extend the sanctions imposed on the country were partly a result of the November 2017 military coup that forced former President Robert Mugabe to resign, a report claims.

The decision to announce sanctions was announced a few hours after former US ambassador to Zimbabwe Bruce Wharton and ex-assistant secretary of State for African Affairs Linda Thomas-Greenfield, released a report alleging that Zimbabwe was now effectively under the grip of an unreformed military.

The paper titled Zimbabwe’s Coup: Net Gain or No Gain reads in part:

… other than a different President, Zimbabwe has not changed much as events of January 2019 have shown — grossly disproportionate use of police and military to stop protests and looting — Zimbabwe government/ ruling party remains willing to do whatever it takes to remain in power.

The military remains the strongest, most capable institution in the country and the High Court blessings of the November 2017 coup keeps the threat of another coup alive. The Executive branch of government has subordinated the Judiciary and completely overshadows the Parliament.

Hopes that Zimbabwe, through Mnangagwa and his government, would be one of those rare examples of a military coup that restores democracy are slowly and methodically being dashed by a military not willing to allow change.