Harare property developer complains over Biti

Ken Sharpe

A local property developer has called out MDC-Alliance Vice President Tendai Biti over what they are describing as damaging and misleading claims against their business.

In a statement WestProp, a company led by Ken Sharpe, said the US$1 million they have laid before the courts against Biti has not deterred him from launching attacks.

“We have noted, with concern, the false and malicious attacks on social media including Twitter and YouTube, and other public platforms by Mr Tendai Biti against our company Chief Executive Officer Mr Kenneth Sharpe’s persona and reputation.

Whilst we reserve our right to pursue further legal recourse and remedies available to us, we hereby inform members of the public that Mr Tendai Biti’s statements are not true,” the statement reads.

The company refuted claims that they illegally obtained the land they are currently working on.

“Contrary to what Mr Tendai Biti and his political allies, in particular, Honourable Allan Markham (MP Harare North Constituency) baselessly allege, Mr Kenneth Sharpe’s business dealings are 100 percent above board and that the land we are currently developing was legally obtained. Without any breach of the sub-judice rule in respect of matters already in court wherein we are suing Mr Tendai Biti for US$1 million in defamation damages, we wish to advise the public that he has his own agenda for his uncouth behaviour that goes against the sub-judice rules,” the statement added.

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