Harare Mayor to meet Makamba family over Zororo’s death

Harare mayor councillor Herbert Gomba

THE Harare City Council has launched a probe into the death of journalist, Zororo Makamba who died on Monday at the Wilkins Infectious Diseases Hospital from the coronavirus.

Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba has also made a commitment to meet the bereaved Makamba family to hear their concerns following the death of Zororo.

The hospital is run by the local authority, but it has been identified by the government as one of the two hospitals to treat coronavirus patients in the country. The other is Thorngrove Hospital in Bulawayo.

The late Makamba is son to prominent businessman and former Zanu PF politician, James Makamba. The family is blaming hospital authorities of neglecting Zororo when he was admitted leading to his death and becoming the first Zimbabwean to die of the virus.

“Harare City Council is instituting investigations in what happened at Wilkins Hospital when the late Mr Zororo Makamba was admitted. The investigation follows comments by the Makamba family over allegations of impropriety in the manner the patient was handled,” a statement issued by the council Thursday reads.

The council also confirmed that Gomba would meet the Makamba family.

“His Worship Harare Mayor Councillor Herbert Gomba has undertaken to meet the Makamba family to hear them out and address any pertinent issues arising from the events,” the statement says.

“Council takes this opportunity to advise stakeholders that despite Wilkins Hospital being a council facility, during times of crisis and strife like this one – our institution comes under the direct management of government.”

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