Govt’s shoddy road-job exposed by torrent rainfall

A Government project to tar the 57 km Gutu-Buhera Road has been shambolic. To start with the site engineer was suspended one-year into the project after he allegedly abused millions of dollars’ worth of material for the road thereby forcing road construction to be stopped. The engineer is still a free man, thanks to Government’s catch and release approach to corruption.

This week, the 5km stretch of the road that had been built was badly damaged and washed away by heavy rains. Some experts said the damage is so bad the work will need to be started all over again. What a cost to the tax payer?

The project was started in July 2018 with Government promising to complete and commission the first 10km stretch of the road between Hamandishe Village and Soti Source River just after Chitepo Primary School in November of the same year. Two years down the line, Government has not completed even 1km of the road.

The same project was started and abandoned more than 25 years ago when VP Simon Muzenda was still alive.

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