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Government Announces Moratorium on Allocation of Urban State Land

Minister of Local Government and Public Works Daniel Garwe
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Harare,— In a significant move aimed at enhancing the administration and management of Urban State Land, the Government of Zimbabwe has announced immediate measures to streamline and improve its oversight.

This announcement underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring that Urban State Land is utilized effectively to support national development goals.

The Ministry of Local Government and Public Works, responsible for managing Urban State Land on behalf of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, stated that this land is a critical and finite resource. It plays a central role in the national development agenda outlined in the National Development Strategy 1 and Vision 2030.

To facilitate the establishment of a more efficient and transparent system for managing Urban State Land, the Ministry has imposed an immediate moratorium on the allocation of this land. This temporary suspension will remain in place until further notice and is intended to provide the Ministry with the necessary time to review and strengthen the existing policy framework and guidelines.

“The moratorium is essential to ensure that Urban State Land contributes to sustainable and functional developments,” the Ministry said in a statement. “We are committed to finalizing this process swiftly to support the national development thrust.”

The ongoing review aims to address several key objectives:

  • Enhancing Transparency: Implementing a system that ensures fair and open allocation of Urban State Land.
  • Promoting Sustainability: Aligning land use with sustainable development practices.
  • Supporting National Goals: Ensuring that land allocation and management are in line with the broader objectives of Vision 2030 and the National Development Strategy 1.

The Ministry has urged stakeholders and the general public to remain patient while this critical review process is underway. The government acknowledges the importance of Urban State Land and is committed to managing it in a way that benefits the entire nation.

“We understand the urgency and importance of this matter to various stakeholders,” the statement continued. “We assure you that the review process is being conducted with the utmost diligence to ensure that future allocations of Urban State Land are handled efficiently and transparently.”

This moratorium is expected to pave the way for a more robust and effective system of land administration, ultimately contributing to the sustainable growth and development of Zimbabwe’s urban areas. The Ministry of Local Government and Public Works will provide updates as the review progresses and once the new guidelines and policies are in place.

The government’s proactive approach reflects its dedication to fostering a well-organized urban development framework that meets the needs of its citizens and aligns with Zimbabwe’s long-term vision for progress and prosperity.