Gov backtracks on AIPPA, POSA repeal

Monica Mutsvangwa

Following the publication of a story in the state media yesterday titled “AIPPA, POSA on deathbed”, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa has clarified as follows:

Further to an article which appeared yesterday in The Herald, the words “repeal” and “toxic” are misplaced because they both imply pre-determination of the outcome of the statutory process. For the record, AIPPA was put to address the obtaining historical circumstances which were existing, when there were concerted efforts to bring about illegal regime change.

The Operation Restore Legacy and subsequent opening up in the 2nd Republic has created a totally different set of circumstances.

Prior to the opening up, there is also the 2013 Constitution which created another new set of circumstances, thus it is in this vein that we are amending AIPPA so that it aligns itself to both, the Constitution and the 2nd Republic reforms.

The Executive and Legislature will comb through AIPPA and remove that which is not in concert with the 2nd Republic reforms. This may entail the repealing or amendment of AIPPA, that is why the Government will reinforce the good and remove the bad.

Let it be noted that the All Stakeholders Conference which the Ministry held was strictly a consultative affair.

This open and wide exchange of views is in no way to be misconstrued as a substitute for the due processes of both the Executive and the Legislature.

After all, both bodies are complete and unfettered masters of their agendas and processes as provided by the Constitution as the supreme law of the land.