Goblin terror: Villagers finger ‘owner’

community members in a meeting to discuss the goblins menace

VILLAGERS in Fudu area in Nkayi have accused a fellow community member of owning mystical beings which have turned teachers at Fudu primary and secondary schools into sex slaves causing them to flee the learning institutions.

Male teachers have said the invisible beings sodomise them and female teachers narrated ordeals of marathon sex sessions that occurred in their sleep and tired them out to the extent that they struggled to work the following day.  

Villagers alleged the supernatural beings believed to be goblins which operate in shadow form were owned by a fellow villager. 

A meeting was held at Fudu Secondary School and was attended by village head Cornelius Ndlovu, School Development Committee Chairperson (SDC) Mbalekelwa Ndlovu and community members on Tuesday. 

During the meeting it emerged that for a month now lessons had been disrupted at both institutions.

“Teachers fled the school but a few have returned, lessons are held erratically since at times teachers won’t be at school as they fear for their lives. We do not know whether those who have not returned will ever return. We paid school fees but now it’s like we threw our monies into a pit because our children are not learning,” said Tracy Dlomo.

Speaking on condition of strict anonymity a Fudu Secondary School teacher said goblins had turned them into sex slaves. 

“It’s terrible. Most of us (both female and male teachers) have been sexually abused by the goblins as we would wake up with semen stains on our undergarments and feeling tired. Most of the female teachers would feel as if an invisible hand was caressing them while they slept at night. They would feel dizzy before falling into a deep sleep. In the morning they would surprisingly wake up with no undergarments and they would be wearing their male counterparts’ trousers. We did not want to leave this place but we are forced to transfer because of this unbearable situation,” she said casting a dejected face.

A male teacher said: “About 10 of us (teachers from both primary and secondary) saw an apparition of a female teacher who died mysteriously at the school soon after she was promoted. During the night we would feel something playing with our genitals until we climaxed. About 20 of us have had the same nasty experience. At times during my sleep I would feel like I was having sex. Shockingly I would wake up feeling extremely tired and would phone my wife who is based in Bulawayo and she has since advised me to transfer.”

Another male teacher declared that he was in the process of transferring as he could not stomach the traumatic situation.

“The goblins sodomised me and five other colleagues told me that they were also sodomised. This is terrible! I believe it’s somebody who does not want us here because we are from other places,” said a male teacher. 

In a bid to root out the suspected goblins the community leadership under the watch of headman Reuben Ncube enlisted the services of prophets who have fingered a villager as the force behind the magical beings at the school.

Mlandeli Mpofu said the suspicion was heightened after the said villager bragged to the prophets saying he wielded unfathomable spiritual power from the spiritual underworld.

“We are now afraid of him because when the prophets fingered him during a meeting which was attended by 500 people he said they could not do anything to him because he was too powerful. He said he wielded spiritual power and would defeat them with a combination of air force and ground force. He bragged that he has a strong muthi that will cause them to die in a strange manner,” said Mpofu. 

As  if that was not enough another villager Prosper  Nyathi said: “At this meeting we have only  10 community members  out of 85. They are afraid to attend these meetings because they fear him. His wife died mysteriously. He called a prophet who did rituals on the wife’s grave  and a strange fire erupted and razed her brother’s family homestead leading the person who is suspected to have killed his wife to confess during a meeting that was attended by former  Nkayi officer in charge, only identified as Tshabangu, and the community leadership,” said Nyathi.

Village head Cornelius Ndlovu said the prophets who were tasked to root out the goblins failed to exorcise the school.

“We are worried because about 500 community members paid $5 each. A total of $2 500 was raised and paid to the prophets. Shockingly they failed to remove the goblins. Now we want to engage other prophets or a witch- hunter and we will agree with villagers on how much will be paid and the villagers agreed that if a goblin is found at a homestead that person would pay a hefty fine equivalent to two beasts,” he said.  

The man the villagers accuse of owning the problem goblins, Austin Ndlovu, denied the allegations saying he had even sought legal help after villagers besieged his homestead in the company of the self-styled prophets. He said the accusations stemmed from superstitious fear after he and a prophet conducted a ritual on his late wife’s grave.

“I understand them because accusations are arising from the fact that I conducted a ritual with a prophet to identify the person who killed my wife. The prophet stood on the grave in broad daylight while praying and calling for my wife to avenge  herself and the prophet assured me that I will see the person who killed my wife. After that the news spread across the whole community saying I practise witchcraft,” he said.

“After the ritual on the grave my late brother’s homestead was gutted by strange fires. His wife made a makeshift homestead but the mysterious fires followed her and destroyed it,” he said. 

“I’m a devoted Christian and I don’t have any goblins. Those people who are peddling lies have tarnished my reputation. During a fierce argument with the prophets I said I have a ground force which are my ancestors and I believe in them for guidance and protection and air force which is my God. 

“After the cleansing ceremony at Fudu Secondary School about 500 community members besieged my homestead. I asked the leadership what they were up to and they said I should ask the prophets. The prophets said they had come to remove the goblins from my homestead. I granted them access but they could not find anything. After that they scooped soil from the centre of the yard and I do not know what they were going to use it for,” he said. 

Ndlovu said he was disturbed by that and reported the matter to the police.

“I was shattered by such accusations. I had to report the matter and police advised me to seek a protection order. Sadly, I was not granted the order against Headman Ncube, village head Cornelius, the community and the prophets. The magistrate said I sought a protection order against a wrong person, Headman Ncube who did not attend the exorcism gathering. So it was turned down. Next week I will report the matter to Chief Sikhobokhobo because I feel I‘m being abused by the villagers and community leadership,” he said.

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