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Ginimbi Rolls Royce crash: Honda Fit driver narrates ordeal

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His name is Lucky. Perhaps his destiny is written in that name. It was once asked: What’s in a name? Lucky Chikwanda would perhaps say there is life in his.

His name rang true of his fate.  He reckons he is lucky to be alive. His Honda Fit vehicle collided with popular businessman Genius Kadungure’s Rolls Royce on Sunday morning.

Kadungure and three of his associates died in that collision. But Lucky emerged almost unscathed, escaping with minor knocks.   He is recovering at home after medical treatment. ZTN tracked Lucky to get his account of the horrific accident. Yet getting him to talk about the accident wasn’t easy.

“My life flashed before my eyes,” Lucky says, recalling the moments leading to the crash. “l don’t even know what saved me because we could have died on the spot.”

Still visibly shaken, he went on: “I was with my friend, Artwell; driving at about 60 to 80 kilometres per hour, on our way from Hatcliff. “Just as we approached the curve after Borrowdale Police Station, l saw a car trying to overtake two others.

“The vehicle encroached into my lane and it was too late for the driver to apply emergency brakes and for me to avoid him because he was speeding. The next thing we collided. His car veered off the road and hit a tree.” In the eyes of some, Lucky was to blame for Genius’ demise.

But he maintains his hands are clean. “I’m just a poor guy and it pains me that people are fabricating stories that l intentionally killed Ginimbi.

“In fact, l could have died in that accident because that car was literally flying. Up to now l don’t even know what saved me.”

In all this, Lucky was the lucky one who lived to tell the tale. His friend, Artwell, too, survived unscathed. And whether their survival was down to a name is material for another tale.  – ZTN