‘General SB Moyo does not dwell in Zimbabwe’

Foreign Affairs Minister Rtd Lt General Sibusiso Busi Moyo does not dwell in the Zimbabwe socially and is not affected by the challenges affecting the generality of the populace a political analyst Dr Dinizulu Mbikokayise Macaphulana has said.

Macaphulana was analysing the letter that was issued by General Moyo threatening to discipline American Ambassador Brian Nichols.

Said Macaphulana, “There are two strong reasons that can explain the outlandish letter by General S.B. Moyo. A Letter where Zimbabwe threatens the USA with unspecified action: Profound ignorance of how the world works; and Insulation from reality.

“People like S.B. Moyo live in Zimbabwe but do not dwell in the country. They are geographically located in Zimbabwe but not socially located there. Why and how? From the DRC war to Chiadzwa there has emerged a class of soldiers and politicians that are billionaires in US Dollars. They have looted. The Zimbabwean economy and polity does not affect their lives at all. From where S. B. Moyo is existentially located the US can go and hang. That is how removed, irrelevant and dangerous these current leaders are. III-gotten wealth has created a paradise for them, a heaven from which they need to be liberated. General Moyo from where he stands sees nothing wrong with what he said.”

Macaphulana added that ZANU PF is full of people with empty brains who cannot offer practical solutions to the country and yet they have got high qualifications.

“Most of us have listened to Energy Mutodi’s frequent nonsensical statements and believed that he is an individual idiot. No. Mutodi is one of the brightest in the organisation. The ZANU-PF of ideas, even if it had questionable ideas, long died.” Macap[hulana said.  “Ignorance and mediocrity rules post-Mugabe ZANU-PF. Alarming emptiness defines this establishment. ZANU-PF used to send cadres to school. For the past decade they have just been printing degree certificates for cadres, that is how regime scholarship became. There is a family of leaders and political analysts that masquerades as thought leaders and ideologues when they are ignoramuses.” – Bye24