General Chiwenga’s sickness revealed

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is suffering from multiple organ failure, a South African based businessman Ali Naka has said.

Posting on Twitter Naka said, “I spoke to Villager in China. One of your politicians at a Chinese Military Hospital is suffering from multiple organ failure.”

Medscape defines Multiple organ failure as an altered organ function in an acutely ill patient requiring medical intervention to achieve homeostasis.

Some symptoms include skin discolouration and low blood pressure.

Chiwenga was recently flown from South Africa to China where doctors from China, India, Zimbabwe and South Africa are attending to him.

Presidential spokesman George Charamba said in a statement recently, “The office of the president and cabinet wishes to inform the nation that the vice president this week left for the People’s Republic of China where he is set to undergo further medical tests.

“After high-level discussions between Zimbabwe and China, it was agreed “to allow Chinese medical experts to join their expert counterparts from Zimbabwe, SA and India in attending to the vice president.”

Source – Byo24