‘G40 giving War Veterans sleepless nights’

Prof. Jonathan Moyo

MDC War Veterans Secretary General Douglas Mahiya says War Veterans are being tormented by remnants of the infamous G40 cabal that wanted to stop President Emmerson Mnangagwa from assuming authority.

The firebrand Mahiya told the ex-freedom fighters that, “We have gathered here again to look at our welfare not much has been done ever and this is caused by people. I want to tell you that in 1980 when we return back from the war the former regime, the former President (Mugabe) then removed us from the political structures and other people took over and those are the people that are taking decisions today.”

Mahiya added that there are people in the government who do not want War Veterans to be given money.

“There are people in the civil service who would not want to see the president still call the same thing and our welfare is not being looked at, we don’t understand why it is not being looked at all other sectors the private sector, the civil servants have been cushioned, war veterans have not been cushioned. War veterans are surviving on an US0.48c a day. Nothing has been done,” he said.

War veterans save as a paramilitary structure under ZANU PF and are used for political violence during elections.