Fuel price hikes: Zimbabwe Information Minister threatens protesters with loss of limbs

Energy Mutodi

The Deputy Minister for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Energy Mutodi says that Zimbabweans should brace for a surge in prices after the government hiked fuel prices on Saturday night.

Mutodi warned Zimbabweans not to go into the streets in protest against the fuel price increases as the government will not hesitate to use force to put down such kind of demonstrations. Wrote Mutodi:

New fuel prices will stamp out arbitrage in the fuel sector and normalize fuel supply but Zimbabweans must brace for commodity price volatility emanating from the fuel price shock. Volatility will be temporary before goods prices normalise.

Faced with high fuel costs, clever people know what to do and here are some tips: Avoid fuel guzzler, reduce fleet, cancel unnecessary trips and use bicycles where possible to save BIG. Do not protest in the street you can lose a limp in skirmishes.