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Family accused of killing neighbour’s son for riches

Village head Danisa Ncube
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After witnessing the death of their parents and two siblings under strange but similar circumstances, the two remaining family members of a haunted family in Dakamela, Nkayi have deserted their homestead in an attempt to escape the wrath of avenging spirits that are reportedly trying to wipe them all out.

The twisted tale of death and vengeance began in 2013 after the death of Shadreck Ndimande’s child. The child was found dead behind the late Joram Nkala’s granary, a disturbing development that became even more suspicious when, the following month, Nkala and his wife Sethulo Ndlovu opened a shop in the area.

The deserted homestead

The deserted homestead

This sudden acquisition of wealth triggered the community’s ill feeling towards the Nkala family, with many pointing fingers at them, accusing them of killing Ndimande’s child for muthi to lure customers to their shop.

Speaking to B-Metro, a community member Sipho Mlalazi said they were convinced that the Nkala family was responsible for the child’s deaths because of the way that they had met their end. Mlalazi explained how the Nkalas and their children mysteriously died.

“Soon after the death of Ndimande’s child, Nkala fell sick and died soon after claiming to see Ndimande’s child in 2013. After a month his wife became ill and also died after making the same claims,” he said.

Following the death of the parents, two of the late Nkalas’ children died last month saying they were also seeing Ndimande’s late child.

Now the two remaining children are living in fear of what seems to be inevitable. In a desperate bid to save their lives, the two have deserted their family homestead.

Nkala’s brother, Nqobani Ndlovu said they had tried in vain to talk to the Ndimande family about the deaths.

“What hurts us most about what is happening is that we have made frantic efforts to talk to the Ndimande family but they do not want to accept our apology and as they are saying they are not done with our family. We are also troubled by the fact that two of my brother’s sons have fled their home in fear of death,” said Ndlovu.

Ndimande denied being behind the mysterious deaths of Nkala members.

“I am not into witchcraft. Those who are accusing me of killing the Nkala family members must be spiritually strong because I am still in pain over the passing of my own child. There is nothing I can do to help the Nkala family because I did not cast a death spell upon their family,” Ndimande contended.

An elder in the village who is also the village head, Danisa Ncube, confirmed that he knew about the issue, but was yet to speak to the two families.

“I know about the issue. I am yet to talk to both families so that we can come to an understanding and they can forgive each other,” said Ncube.