Exiled ex-minister rubbishes Govt third force claim on abductions

Godfrey Gandawa

Exiled former deputy higher education minister Godfrey Gandawa rubbished claims by the Government that there was a third force behind the abduction of three Movement for Democratic Change female members last week.

Gandawa posted on microblog Twitter on Tuesday that the claims by foreign affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo that there was a third force is a ‘lie that puts Government in bad light’ over its inconstancies.

Gandawa fled the country when charges against of abusing Zimbabwe Development Funds were laid against him.

He was among those linked to Prof Jonathan Moyo and G40 outfit that was fighting to take over from Mugabe.

Gandawa has become one of the critical minds against President Emerson Mngangagwa government and polices of military brutality.

He posted, ‘This contradictory statement insinuates abdications are being stage-managed while also alluding to a third force. Government previously claimed rogue security agencies were responsible. The claims can’t both be true. In any case, if Government
cannot guarantee security it must ask Southern African Development Community or United Nations for help,’

Quizzed for being part of former Mugabe regime labelled as the architect of brutality against political opponents including the Gukurahundi murders and MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai among others, Gandawa denied his involvement.

Journalist Mkhululi Chimoio said, ‘This is what you and Mugabe did to Zimbabweans. Did you tell SADC and UN about your own inclement in those abductions?

But Gandawa challenged Chimoio as a journalist to research before posting anything.

He added, ‘As a media practitioner it would have been good to research…. Just responding to you out of courtesy, you will never find my name in dirty politics, abductions and killings,’

His comments come as minister Moyo is battling with damage control of suspected state sponsored brutality and sexual abuse on three females including MP Joahane Mamombe Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova who were subjected to torture, sexual abuse among other human rights abuses and are currently in hospital.

These have courted international condemnation by USA and the European Union block as a sign of failure on engagement and tolerance by the new government.

Source – Naume Muza