Ex Zimbabwe Army Commander liberates Mozambique district

Mozambique News Reports and Clippings has reported that South Africa Dyke Advisory Group helicopters working with the Mozambique army have liberated the Metuge district in Mozambique which had been captured by the Islamic terrorists.

DAG is owned by former Zimbabwean military colonel Lionel Dyck who is a close ally of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Reports indicate that on 28 April the insurgents burnt at least 20 houses and killed 15 head of livestock before the security forces supported by South African private military contractors (PMCs) arrived at the scene and that insurgents fled the area after brief clashes. Multiple military vehicles and helicopters were reported to be present in the area.

Islamic insurgents and those belonging to a Renamo splinter group have been giving Mozambican government a hard time.

Brezh Malaba@BrezhMalaba

Colonel Lionel Dyck, a former Rhodesian army officer,was engaged by the Mozambican govt as a private military contractor.He’s the head of a mercenary outfit.This week,his helicopter gunships were decisive in pushing back Islamist insurgents in Metuge district. Fighting rages on.

On Wednesday another village called  Arimba was burnt  and insurgents stole food and livestock and had a feast. The attack was reportedly done by 16-20 men on 6-7 motorcycles

Unconfirmed reports say the insurgents were said Thursday morning to have raided two other coastal villages. A group was said to be moving south on an old dirt road toward Namau, Namavi, and Sessoane villages, 10 km south of Arimba and in the Metuge district, and were said to have arrived at mid-day.

Source – Byo24