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We don’t do rallies and regalia: Nkosana Moyo

Dr Nkosana Moyo
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HARARE – Former Industry minister Nkosana Moyo, who is the leader of Alliance for Peoples’ Agenda (APA), has said his party will not hold rallies, an approach totally different from the political tradition in Zimbabwe.

He also barred his party supporters from wearing branded T-shirts and other regalia, arguing it attracts violence and is exclusionary.

“We say no to T-shirts because it will endanger our people.

“We say no to uniforms so that our people will not get harmed,” Moyo told his party structures in Harare yesterday.

“T-shirts are like uniforms and with uniforms you are saying you belong to a certain group.

“We want to build a united Zimbabwean. If I say I need to give you T-shirts, I don’t have that money so I will end up seeking for donations and to me that’s not good.”

“When we get in government, if Zanu PF and MDC have some people who work hard we are going to give them jobs.

“As long as you are a Zimbabwean you are supposed to be treated equally to others.”

This comes as opposition parties are fearing a repeat of the 2008 situation where opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai beat Mugabe hands down in the presidential election, which saw results being withheld for a suspiciously long six weeks, amid widespread allegations of ballot fiddling and manipulation.

When the widely discredited results of that poll were eventually announced, Tsvangirai was forced into a presidential run-off which he pulled out of following deadly violence against his supporters, hundreds of whom were murdered in cold blood.

Mugabe would go on to stand in a widely condemned one-man race in which he declared himself the winner.

However, Sadc and the rest of the international community would not accept the poll, forcing the nonagenarian to share power with Tsvangirai for five years, to prevent the country from imploding completely.