Don’t blame Mnangagwa for soldiers criminal behaviour – Charamba

HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba says his boss should not be blamed for acts of theft by soldiers.

This follows the arrest of two soldiers at the weekend by members of the Sigola community outside Bulawayo for cattle rustling.

The two army sergeants were caught red handed with the carcass of the cow they had stolen.

After their arrest, the carcass was taken by police as an exhibit.

After a lot of comments on social media blaming Mnangagwa for the soldiers’ actions, Charamba came in defence of his boss.

“I have tried to restrain myself from commenting on this bald tweet. Now that sense is taking too long to settle in, I may have to. Just what is the story here and how by the remotest of stretches does it get linked to the President of Zimbabwe,” said Charamba.

“A rogue individual who is alleged to be linked to our Defence Forces breaks the law by rustling cattle; a citizen arrest is effected, as indeed should in a country where rule of law is upheld to levels where even citizens feel confident to help the police; police come in to complete the process, blame goes to the President based on an impromptu, medically sound advice he gave several weeks ago on an unrelated occasion? Zvonzi imi murikudya nenyama; nekuti paita mbavha yemombe? Come on guys, tipei maserious if you want us to take you seriously.”

Source – Byo24