Diplomatic shuttle: Zanu PF panics as it deploys two ministers to Europe

Foreign affairs and International Trade Minister Sibusiso Moyo

Speaking to journalists in Mauritania, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Sibusiso Moyo said after the AU Summit, he will be heading to Netherlands, while Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa will be going to Germany as President Mnangagwa’s special envoys.

Moyo said he will address a Dutch business forum in the Netherlands and Zimbabweans based there. Said Moyo:

As you are aware things are moving. The re-engagement process is a moving target. As far as we are concerned, it cannot be stopped. After this AU conference, I shall be proceeding to the Netherlands specifically as a special envoy.

But as I go there, we are expecting that I will then address a business forum of the Dutch community and I will also have an opportunity to address Zimbabweans who are based in the Netherlands.

Equally so, my colleague Minister Chinamasa is going to be proceeding to Germany, again as a special envoy. So, we are proceeding and all what we are waiting for is the harvesting of our re-engagement process.

Moyo said Zimbabwe will host a horticultural expo in September where the Netherlands will play an important role.

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