Coronavirus hits Harare City Council…offices shut down

I extend my warmest greetings to you all the residents and visitors to Harare and would like to take this opportunity to reinforce the message against the fight against Covid-19.

Harare City Council establishments like any other facilities in the city have not been spared the scourge of Covid-19. Some of our staff members have contracted the virus, mostly in the health sector.

We have taken precautionary measures to ensure that our offices and buildings remain safe for both our staff members and the general public. We are therefore temporarily closing the following buildings to allow for fumigation: Town House, Rowan Martin, Cleveland House and Remembrance Drives offices. The offices open for business on Monday, 3 August 2020.

We continue the mandatory testing of our employees. Prior to this notice, we have been already taking preventive action in all our offices as guided by the Ministry of Health and Childcare and World Health Organisation to ensure the protection of our staff members and stakeholders.

All committee and management meetings will be done virtually to minimise human contact and gatherings. Some staffers have started working from home while only a few critical personnel would move around workstations as their work cannot be done virtually. These include our health personnel, waste management and water staffers.

We urge residents and ratepayers to continue paying their municipal bills as a way of empowering council to deal with service delivery and strengthen its fight against Covid-19. To observe social distancing, ratepayers should use our e-paying platforms.

We will continuously give updates.

Source – Enock Mupamawonde