Charamba warns of imposter

George Charamba

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba has warned of an imposter on Twitter who is using a similar handle to his.

Charamba said: “Caveat Emptor: There is a clone on my Twitter account going by this name: jamwAAnda2 (my caps for emphasis). Take note and warned! It has a November dateline!!”

In the past week, the Ministry of Information claimed that its Twitter account was hacked and the hackers then used it to spread subversive material.

The Ministry later got control of the Twitter handle and released a statement saying:

“On 2 November 2019 this Twitter handle was maliciously compromised and an inappropriate message was posted on it. On being alerted to this, we deleted the message, changed our security information. We apologise to any person or  group of persons offended or disrespected by the message,” read the statement.

Source – Byo24