Charamba threatens state clampdown on lockdown violators

George Charamba

HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s aide George Charamba has threatened that government would be forced to take extraordinary measures if the people continue to ignore the 21-day lockdown rules.

Mnangagwa declared the 21-day lockdown that started last week to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Zimbabwe has 9 confirmed cases of coronavirus, one of them the late Zororo Makamba who died from the virus after travelling to New York in the United States.

Charamba said he had received a number of complaints about people disregarding the lockdown.

“I have just got a plaintive appeal from a resident of Waverley in Kadoma intimating wanton disregard of lockdown especially by the youths. If discipline is not internally generated, it might have to be introduced externally. Musazoti mavara azare ivhu!!!!” Charamba posted on Twitter.

Watson Chipare was of a different view calling on government to address the poverty faced by most Zimbabweans. “Personally, I support every government initiative in arresting this menace, but as government what are you doing to mitigate poverty and hunger in these communities,” said Chipare.

Charamba said eliminating poverty was not an overnight process.

“Can’t be an overnight wonder mufunge; situation much worse because of lockdown which attacks livelihoods of the vulnerable. My worry over this has a very good ear and we beginning to experience traction on SMEs and informal businesses,” he said. Source – Byo24