Chamisa’s bogus claim of victory makes him look phoney: Eddie Cross

Eddie Cross

Former MDC politician Eddie Cross has seemingly called out Nelson Chamisa saying that his claims of victory in the presidential elections seem unlikely and not credible.

Cross based this assertion, on the fact that the MDC Alliance managed to win less than 30 per cent of the local government seats. Writing on his personal website, Cross said,

Firstly, we have held another election, it was more open, democratic and acceptable than any other election I can recall, and I have been a player in all of them since 1980. It was contested, but when you appreciate that the MDC Alliance won only 570 Councillor seats out of nearly 2000 (28,6 per cent), you can understand why I think the MDC Alliance claim of a Presidential victory with 2,6 million votes as being most unlikely and not credible.

Not one of these council elections have been challenged – how can they? They were secured under the close scrutiny of the tens of thousands of local Government candidates and their election agents – counted very carefully and then concluded at all 210 Control Centres run by ZEC with the Candidates and their Agents signing off on the results which were then announced at the Centres and at the National Control Centre in Harare.

That is why the Constitutional Court unanimously decided that Emmerson Mnangagwa was elected as President. That is why they said the MDC Alliance had not proved their case, that is why they even awarded costs – normally a punitive measure.

It must also be understood that he beat Nelson Chamisa by over 300 000 votes – nearly the majority that Morgan Tsvangirai beat Mr Mugabe in 2002. Thank goodness he got enough votes to avoid a runoff – that would have been a disaster for all of us – extending the uncertainty and the very real possibility of undoing all the positive things that were actually achieved in this election.

…the new President, for the first time, is asking the whole country for help to secure the future. He has extended the hand of reconciliation to the opposition, he has stated time and time again that he wants an inclusive and more open government and wants to put the past behind us.

I am deeply disappointed that the MDC Alliance seems to have turned its back on these initiatives and instead have continued to make the assertion that this was a ‘stolen’ election and that Nelson Chamisa is the legitimate President and that they are threatening rolling mass action to enforce this position.

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