Chamisa thrills the rural communities

Citizens Coalition for Changer leader, Nelson Chamisa on Sunday unexpectedly attended a rural ward meeting where the community was in the process of affirming its preferred representatives for parliament and district councils.

Citizens and change champions of the ward were delighted at his presence, with many gathering around him to express their support for his self-sacrificing leadership ahead of the watershed election to be held in August this year.

“WILD EXCITEMENT & JOY… I made a surprise visit to this rural ward meeting yesterday where the community were confirming their chosen Citizens Representatives for Parliament and Rural District Councils. Blessed Monday!” President Chamisa tweeted.

President Chamisa, who is well-known for his commitment to bringing positive change to Zimbabwe, used the opportunity to affirm his commitment to addressing the needs of his fellow Zimbabweans, particularly those who have been struggling under the current administration of Zanu-PF.

He urged the citizens to register to vote and to turn out in large numbers during the election to ensure their voices were heard.

The CCC’s campaign, dubbed “RegisterToVoteCCC #VoteCCC #NgaapindeHakeMukomana ,” has been gaining momentum ahead of the elections, with the party’s message resonating with many ordinary Zimbabweans who have long been disillusioned with the political status quo.

The CCC, introduced a year ago, has been leading the charge to bring about much-needed political change in the country.

As the elections draw closer, the citizens and change champions are hoping that their message will continue to gain traction among ordinary Zimbabweans, who are hungry for a better future and who see President Chamisa as the best candidate to deliver that future.

Source – CCC

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