Chamisa savaged for broken Ndebele

Nelson Chamisa

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has come under fire for breaking the Ndebele language during a Twitter conversation with one of his followers.

Chamisa had posted a motivational quote on Thursday saying, “The sensible build bridges where the senseless burn them. The wise seek ways where the otherwise block ways. In circumstances of peril the wise always build bridges whilst the otherwise build barriers. Think wise. Act wise. Choose to be wise! Choose wisdom and build a better world!”

His tweet ignited a comment from one Mphati Ndeberle who said, “Thank my leader. Uvuka njani mongameli!!”

In a poorly display of mastery of the Ndebele language, Chamisa replied, “Salibanani  Umngani!”

One Clive Mahachi told Chamisa that he should have researched on how properly write the language before posting.

“I think you should have researched first than writing a Zimbabwean language in gibberish like you’re sloppy or don’t care about the language to the point of denigrating it. We expect better, sorry.” Mahachi said.

South African based Matabeleland activist and model Luba Banda said Chamisa deliberately wrote in poor Ndebele to win support from a certa8in section of the Shona people.

“He is trying to win the hearts of many shonas cause he knows they hate Ndebeles. He is equally a tribalist and bloody son of a gukurahundist. That’s why he is just a stupid politician he is just taking after his uncle Mugabe.” Luba fumed.

Source – Byo24