Chamisa Calls for Formation of Transitional Govt As Zimbabwe Economy Tanks

Zimbabwe's main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa speaks during an interview at his offices in Harare. File picture: Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) says Zimbabwe needs a transitional authority in order to tackle the country’s current economic problems fueled by the degradation of the local bond notes, corruption and other issues.

Chamisa told journalists in Harare “the first thing is for this nation to go on a path of a political dialogue … We need a national transitional authority so that we resolve this crisis,” he told a news conference in the capital Harare.”

He said his party is ready to discuss the country’s challenges with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government even if they do not want to legitimize his presidency.

“We are ready to discuss. We will ultimately discuss and resolve our national issues as a country. We are not ready to be forced to legitimize the illegitimate.

“Our people are suffering. This economic decay is common to all … The situation in the hospitals is so shocking. Our hospitals are sick. Sick hospitals can’t attend to sick people. Our people are dying from preventable diseases such as cholera.”

Chamisa, who claims that he won the presidential election in July this year, said Mnangagwa has failed to rule the country.

“There is an absence of leadership. The nation is orphaned, the nation is parentless,” Chamisa said.

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