“A Country Cannot Operate Without Roadblocks”: Charamba Defends Resurfacing Of Roadblocks

Booted out is the Snr Asst Comm Charamba

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba has defended the resurfacing of roadblocks saying a country cannot operate without them.

Addressing a media workshop in Gweru yesterday, Charamba said motorists should not be dismayed by the resurfacing of roadblocks since the police has established measures to ensure that there is no corruption at the roadblocks. Said Charamba:

We know there is an outcry due to resurfacing of roadblocks lately, but we cannot do without roadblocks because they are part of our duties. It is our duty as police to mount roadblocks provided they are done objectively. We have put-up measures that are meant to ensure that corruption is not anywhere near the roadblocks. I urge the public to report any case of corruption to the nearest relevant authorities so that the culprits can be dealt with.

Charamba said not all police officers where corrupt and that they have put in place an anti-corruption team to monitor roadblocks. She added that roadblocks are also mounted for awareness campaigns and to protect the public from criminals.

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