84 year old Didymus Mutasa returns to Zanu-PF

Didymus Mutasa

ZANU-PF leaders in Makoni have officially welcomed back former national secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa, 84 years old, into the party as it revisits a formula to re-strengthen the party.

Mutasa was expelled from the party on charges of undermining the party and its leadership.

Former provincial chairman, Basil Nyabadza who had taken a back seat, and the immediate past vice-chairman, Joseph Mujati were also welcomed back.

Mujati’s suspension was recently lifted.

The meeting, which was held on Sunday, also endorsed the elevation of Stanely Mbawa to the provincial executive and the co-option of Edward Madhume into the youth league.

Politburo, Central Committee members and Members of Parliament, among other leaders from the district, attended the meeting that also discussed the establishment of irrigation schemes in Makoni South and North as well as the resuscitation of a farmers’ training centre in Headlands.

Zanu-PF national secretary for finance, Patrick Chinamasa said the party should pick up the pieces and embrace the cadres.

“Nyati (Cde Mutasa) has rejoined the party and since his return, it has been our wish to meet him officially as Makoni leadership and work together going forward.

“Sometime we see things differently and fight, but that should not separate us. Now that Cde Mutasa is back, we must unite and work together. He laid a strong foundation for the party in Makoni and his return should solidify it. We are amending our constitution to create a Council of Elders where cadres with vast experience like him can sit as advisors,” said Chinamasa.

Source – state media