Zambian ruling party fields ‘Zimbabwean’ in by-elections, party loyalists objects

Andrew Tayengwa

LUSAKA – Ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) adopted candidate Andrew Tayengwa has filed in his nominations for the Kabwata Constituency Parliamentary by-election amid allegations that he is a foreigner from Zimbabwe.

Some people claiming to be UPND members petitioned against Mr. Tayengwa’s adoption after questioning his grade 12 credentials as well.

Mr. Tayengwa, however, on Tuesday afternoon filed in his papers in the company of UPND Chairperson for Elections Garry Nkombo and National Women’s Affairs Chairperson Doreen Mwamba.

Meanwhile, Mrs Mwamba stopped Mr. Tayengwa from commenting on allegations that he was Zimbabwean when queried by reporters immediately after he filed in his nominations.

When Mr. Tayengwa was asked to comment on the allegations, Mrs Mwamba hastily interjected and responded on behalf of the UPND candidate in Kabwata.

“I will answer that one. I will answer for him. I am going to answer as National Chairperson for Women Affairs in UPND. The problem that we are facing currently is that most of these men in the opposition are beginning to think and behave like children and the better they grow up, the better it is for the country. They themselves know they are ones who are foreigners and this segregation and discrimination must come to an end,” Mrs Mwamba said.

Earlier, Mr. Tayengwa asked the people of Kabwata Constituency to vote for him.

“Now that I am done with the nomination, I am going to hit the ground running. The people of Kabwata know me; I am born here, raised in Kabwata, I have lived whole my life in Kabwata,” he said.

“I am a product of Kabwata so I urge the people of Kabwata to consider seriously giving a vote so that we can continue with the good policies of the UPND Government,” Mr. Tayengwa said.

Mr. Nkombo also dismissed the alleged petition against Mr. Tayengwa’s adoption on the UPND ticket.

“I want to confirm to you that there is no petition that was submitted to my office as chairman of elections and therefore whatever you read on social media was probably from some people who were a little bit bored. We have checked, we don’t know the names of those people who listed themselves down as petitioners. Therefore we dismiss that petition with the contempt it deserves,” Mr. Nkombo said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tayengwa landed the UPND adoption after beating 11 aspirants that include Obvious Mwaliteta, Bob Sakahilu, Mutinta Mazoka, Royd Chibonta, Chilekwa Munkonge, Msaiwale Mlewa, Leslie Chikuse, Henry Chibuta, Isaac Sulwe, Job Phiri and Felix Kanyanje among others.

The by election in Kabwata Constituency has been necessitated by the death of the United Party for National Development (UPND) Member of Parliament, Mr Levy Mkandawire on Thursday 18th November 2021.

ECZ earlier this month prescribed 20th January 2022 as the date on which to hold the Kabwata Constituency Parliamentary by-election in the Lusaka District of Lusaka Province.

On the same date, the Commission will also conduct two (2) Local Government Ward by-elections in Liangati Ward of Senanga Town Council in Western Province and Sokontwe Ward of Milenge District of Luapula Province.

The commission also set the campaign period for these elections to commence on Tuesday 28th December 2021 after 15:00 hours and will end at 18:00 hours on Wednesday, 19th January 2022.

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