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Zambian Opposition Questions Hosting AFRICOM Office in Zambia

Shiwang’andu Member of Parliament Hon. Stephen Kampyongo
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LUSAKA – Shiwang’andu Member of Parliament, Hon. Stephen Kampyongo, has posed a pivotal question to the Zambian government regarding the presence of the AFRICOM office in Zambia.

This inquiry, directed at the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, brings to light growing regional concerns, particularly those expressed by Zimbabwean President Emerson Mnangagwa.

The presence of the AFRICOM office in Zambia has become a contentious issue, raising questions about Zambia’s foreign policy direction and its impact on regional stability. Hon. Kampyongo asked, “Is your government in a position to reconsider hosting AFRICOM if you realize during your conversation with other member states that they are equally as concerned as Zimbabwe? They may be quiet but they share the same concerns as Zimbabwe.”

Last week, President Mnangagwa sought assistance from Russian President Vladimir Putin, citing fears over Zambia’s perceived alignment with Western interests. He stated that the West was consolidating its influence in Zambia through security and financial support.

In his response, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation did not directly address Hon. Kampyongo’s question. Instead, he shifted the focus to the authenticity of video footage showing the interaction between President Mnangagwa and President Putin. This evasive response has sparked further controversy, leading to questions about the government’s transparency and commitment to addressing serious concerns raised by both domestic and regional stakeholders.

“We risk involving ourselves in a discussion based on purely speculations and scenarios. What I expected was the Member to bring factual information that the following member states have raised concern,” the Minister stated.

Hon. Kampyongo’s question centred on whether the UPND government would reconsider its decision if it became evident that neighbouring countries shared Zimbabwe’s concerns.

As this situation unfolds, the Zambian government faces a critical decision that could significantly influence its diplomatic relations and regional dynamics in Southern Africa.

Source: Zambia Observer