Sudan Army hires Robert Mugabe’s consultant

Ari Ben Menashe is hustled into a car by Zimbabwean security personnel shortly after his arrival in Harare on Feb. 22, 2002. ASSOCIATED PRESS

The notorious Sudanese army has hired Dickens & Madson (Canada) Inc  a firm owned by Ari Ben-Menashe, a former Israeli spy  based in Montreal,Canada to polish the image of Sudan’s military council, which seized power in a coup in April Canada media has reported.

The reports say that a US$6-million deal was signed and it seeks  to court diplomatic recognition for the junta.

Ben-Menashe is known for allegedly receiving US$100 000 from the government of Zimbabwe to nail the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai of the 2002 presidential polls. Ben Menashe was a star witness  in the treason trial that saw Tsvangirai, Welshman Ncube and Renson Gasela being accused of plotting to assassinate former President Robert Mugabe.

The reports say the Sudanese Army is also paying the company to find equipment for its security forces, search for oil investors, seek a meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump and improve relations with Russia and Saudi Arabia, the documents show.

The firm’s contract with Sudan was signed by Mr. Ben-Menashe and General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, known as Hemedti, the deputy leader of Sudan’s military council. He is the commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), a paramilitary group formerly known as the Janjaweed when it allegedly committed atrocities and massacres against rebels in the Darfur region.

The army has been accused of implementing crimes against humanity.

Commenting on the contract MDC Treasurer General David Coltart said, “This is of course the same notorious firm contracted by the ZANUPF regime – including most of the current cronies – to undermine the MDC and Morgan Tsvangirai. Lest we forget.”

Source – Byo24News

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