Renewed chaos at the Pan-African Parliament as members threaten each other with violence

Members of the Pan-African Parliament clashed i n the House in Midrand on 31 May 2021. Picture: YouTube screengrab.

Johannesburg – Proceedings at the sitting of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP) have been suspended again following renewed scenes of pandemonium after warring African regional blocks continue to fight over whether or not to elect a new PAP president.

The only difference to the chaos on Tuesday is that all the members of the parliament are clad in different designer clothes – most African. Through their clothing it is easy to see their countries of origin, but the core of the conflict and dispute continues on the sixth day of the ordinary session of PAP.

Countries in the southern region of Africa are steadfast in their call that the new president of PAP should be installed through a rotational system, saying was in accordance with the guidelines of the AU.

Since the inception of PAP in 2004, presidential positions were always held by countries in West and Central Africa, while Namibia and Zimbabwe had an opportunity to hold deputy president positions. But now, the countries of the Southern Africa community are united in their call for a rotational system, to avoid being dominated by Western and Central African countries.

The outgoing president, Roger Nkodo Dang, has been at the helm after serving two three-year terms since 2015.

Before the suspension of the sitting, Western and Central regional blocks laid the blame squarely on EFF leader Julius Malema and Barbara Rhwodzi of Zimbabwe.

“We are disappointed by members of South Africa and Zimbabwe. Stop causing chaos in the house. Barbara, you have to behave,” one of the parliamentarians shouted.

Others said: “Let the host country stop behaving like this”, while still others repeated their call for the seat of the PAP to be moved to another African country.

All this prompted the presiding officer to suspend the proceedings until tempers were doused.

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